COVID-19 Statement and Waiver

In order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, North Star Mountain Bike Guides, LLC has implemented the following protocol and procedures for all group and private clinics until further notice. All participants will receive a copy of the North Star Mountain Bike Guides COVID-19 Statement and Waiver prior to their class to sign, which can be found here.

1. Illness: Participants who are not feeling well are asked to stay at home, clients who are ill may choose: a full refund, to reschedule their clinic, or to transfer to another clinic where space is available.

2. Social Distancing: Social distancing measures will be in effect for all clinics and instruction. All participants and coaches shall maintain a minimum of six-foot social distancing from one another during all instruction, skills practice, and on-trail application.

a. For group clinics with two coaches: Coaches shall ride at the front and the back of the group in order to help maintain social distancing from other trail users.

b. For clinics with one coach: The coach shall ride at the back of the group in order to prevent other riders from overtaking the client.

c. Coaches will instruct participants to safely move six-foot, or as far as reasonably possible, off the trail to allow other riders to pass. When possible trail intersections and crossings will be used for passing.

3. Equipment Checks: Participants will be sent a bike check video for home use in advance of all clinics. Participants are asked to follow the video and check their bike before attending the clinic. At the clinics, coaches will verbally instruct and visually guide participants through a thorough bike check while demonstrating the skills. Participants are responsible for checking their own bike. If a participant's bike needs to be adjusted for safety, coaches shall make the adjustment while wearing Nitrile gloves and a face mask.


4. Sanitary Procedures: Hand sanitizer or handwashing stations shall be provided, in addition to Nitrile gloves and disposable face masks for all participants. Participants will be asked to carry gloves and a mask with them during the clinic in case of an emergency. Participants may not share items with other clinic participants or touch items belonging to others, aside from those living in their immediate household.


5. Trail Use: On-trail application of skills may be reduced if there is heavy trail use during the clinic.

a. When possible North Star Mountain Bike Guides will refrain from scheduling private sessions during peak trail use times in the evenings and on weekends. We ask that clients please consider scheduling lessons between 9:00a.m. and 2:00p.m. to help minimize interaction with other trail users.