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Gaining Coaching Skills

After obtaining our IMBA ICP Level I and PMBI Level I certifications, we knew we had to continue to teach others in order to keep what we learned fresh in our minds and to continue to improve our teaching skills. As people heard of our certifications, we began receiving inquiries to teach and North Star Mountain Bike Guides was born.

Since April, we have focused on helping others gain fundamental mountain bike skills through group and private lessons. Most of our teaching has been local to the Twin Cities metro area, although Tara was fortunate to travel to Winter Park, Colorado in June to coach with VIDA Mtb Series. VIDA Mtb Series focuses on helping women riders improve their confidence on the bike and create lifelong riders; a mission very close to Tara’s heart. This was an invaluable experience, as Tara got to coach with another pro and it reinforced the importance of lesson planning, group dynamics, and safely coaching and encouraging others beyond their perceived limits.

After Colorado, we began instructing at Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard Area in Minnesota, which has been a great experience to introduce others to bike park terrain. As with most things, frequency leads to improvement, and in our case teaching on a regular basis has allowed us the opportunity to refine and hone our lesson plans, teaching style, and delivery. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of our students and learn something from each experience.

One of the best aspects to coaching others comes from seeing riders “ah-ha” moments and increased confidence on the bike. Whether it be hearing from someone about their feeling empowered on the trails, or hearing a “woot” after clearing a new obstacle, each session brings us pride in knowing we are helping others become more comfortable, confident, and empowered on their bike, which is what it is all about.

We’re looking forward to seeing where this endeavor will take us and want to continue to help others gain confidence on the bike. If you or someone you know of is looking to improve their mountain biking, drop us a line, we would love to chat with you.

Tara & Byron


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