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Single Track Notes

Since our last post, Tara and I finished teaching a beginner and intermediate men's mountain bike clinic at Buck Hill, called Macho Monday's. We had an eager group of guys who did a great job of working the drills and applying them to the trails. After climbing, descending and cornering we ended the last day of class on the drops where everyone took turns landing one and two foot drops, tire side down. Everybody progressed in their skills; which was celebrated at the end with beers and b.s.

When the weather got too hot in the cities, we headed up to the awesome and cool trails in Duluth with a friend just getting back into mountain biking. We rode the Lester trail network, climbing up the Lester River Trail, a 3.7 mile flowing, rolling, machine built stretch of singletrack that hugs the Lester River. Once on top, we crossed Seven Bridges Road onto Hawk Ridge Trail, a rugged, rocky trail with stunning views of Lake Superior. Hawk Ridge connects into a recently completed of the Duluth Traverse Trail which is a fun two-mile out and back that rolls nicely through the woods. We had a blast pumping the rollers on our way back to Hawk's Ridge; which we descended to the Amity West Trail. Amity West is a super fun trail that rolls and switchbacks through the pines, and surprises you with little board walks that cross small gullies. This is a great combination of trails I'd highly recommend.

Tired, hot and sweaty we walked down to the bank of the Lester River to cool down, before heading to Canal Park Brewery to finish off a great day of riding with fish tacos and beer.

With all of the hot and wet weather we've experienced lately it requires a little extra motivation to get the miles in. Day trips to the northland can be a great way to beat the heat or get out the road bike when the trails are closed to keep the legs spinning. Don't forget to stay hydrated and use plenty of suncreen.



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