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I Don't Fat Bike

As someone who can be creature of habit, I need variety in my life. In the winter months I run, I ski, I hike, I snowboard, and I lift weights. I use the winter as an opportunity to cross train and build anticipation for the upcoming mountain bike season; and I don’t fat bike.

In 2015, after years of avoiding the fat bike, I purchased a Trek Farley and all the fat bike gear. I led some group rides, learned that ungroomed trails can mean pushing instead of riding, and realized I missed dirt, a lot. Fat biking just did not give me the same joy as mountain biking, so instead I focused my energies on running and weights and dreamed of dirt. The Farley eventually went to a new home and once my 2.4’s hit the dirt I was happy and excited to be on the bike again.

I know for plenty of people fat biking is utter joy, they love fat biking and that is awesome. But, it is not for me. What is important to me is to find what excites you, keeps you motivated, and brings you joy. For me, winter is the time to be out with Oscar as he frolics in the snow, to exhaust myself from skate skiing, and to rediscover how much I actually enjoy trail running. It is a time to surf on fresh pow and learn that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing (or poor clothing choices). Having a variety of activities keeps me going through the gray days of winter and builds my anticipation for when the trails reopen. So, here’s to finding your winter motivation in this new year, whatever it may be, make it something that excites and inspires you.



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