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Evoc Hip Pack Race 3l

Review by Tara Reddinger-Adams

I don’t use a water bottle or seat bag on my bike, so I need a space to store the basics; repair tools, wallet, keys, lightweight jacket, and water.  For years I used a hydration backpack on all of my rides, but I tired of the sweaty back and what felt like was pack overkill on short rides.  So, when Evoc’s Hip Pack Race 3l entered the market, I decided to give it a try and it is now my go-to pack for quick laps when I am not coaching.  I love the option of having nothing on my back, in many respects it feels very freeing after riding with a backpack.  The front has pockets I can keep my wallet and keys in and a drop-down zipper pocket that I store CO2, tire irons, zip ties, duct tape, a spare cable, and quick link in, basically everything for a quick repair.  The main pocket stores the 1.5l hydration bladder with enough space to spare for for my jacket and snacks; and the hip pockets hold my multi-tool, lip balm and bug wipes.  The hydration tube wraps around the waist belt and a magnet keeps the bite valve in place for quick and easy access.  


All in all the pack is really well designed and does not move around much on the bike, even with my waist to hip ratio being more than a few inches apart.  I know many say hip-packs are a fad, but for this gal, the Evoc Hip Pack Race 3l is a fad she’ll be using for a long time. #longlivethehippack


Choose from three colors for $95.00 with 1.5l bladder included (can accommodate up to a 3l bladder).

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